Wednesday 29th November 2006, (Windang).

We have now been in Windang for a month now, and where has the time gone? We haven’t done, or seen, anywhere as much as we would have liked to, but with the weather not being so good and having friends here it is not so unusual that this is the case. The time to leave is now upon us and we have decided that this time of year is probably not the ideal time to visit this area because of the high winds, so we might just leave this area for another visit early one year and spend some time around here when the weather might be a little better.

We have actually had other things happening to keep us quite busy, such as the new PDA (GPS) and the new Satellite TV, and we have now bought Linda a new laptop, need I say any more. We also had our own little Xmas celebration on Thursday while we were here with friends, this also includes some people we have become friends with while here, especially seeing these other friends are not going to be with family for Xmas this year. There was also my birthday on Saturday that also called for a celebration of sorts, so others were invited around that evening for tea.

As I have already said it is now time for us to move on, mainly because the grandkids in Melbourne can’t wait for us to get down there, so it will be a move from here on Friday probably to Ulladulla for a while before then making our way to Melbourne.