Tuesday 21st November 2006, (Windang).

More dramas with electrics this time, with the battery in the caravan failing. I forgot to turn on the trickle charger last night, as I usually do so the battery doesn’t discharge too much, and after about 4 hours of running the TV, voltage dropped enough to for it to fail. An inspection today revealed that the electrolyte (acid) level was way down, and it had occurred to me that in the four years we have had the battery I had never checked it. This could have been an expensive lesson. A visit to a battery shop revealed that the acid was in fact almost non existent, so a decision was made to refill it with some fresh acid to try to revive it. Indications were that we may have caused too much damage, but it was worth a try, especially seeing there was no charge for filling it. I have now reinstalled it and placed a small charge into it for the evening and the next couple of days testing will reveal the condition. When it was installed indications were that it did have a reasonable charge within already so this may be a reasonably good sign.

I also had a small problem with the new GPS with some software provided with the unit to install on a laptop to use for pre-planning trips. When I attempted to load the software I discovered that one of the discs was incorrectly labelled, and I actually had two data discs instead of an installation disc and a data disc. It will be interesting how cooperative the support people for the unit will be, as they seemed too keen to assist. They requested that I send an email explaining the problem and give our current address so they could send me a new set of discs, so now we wait and see if they in fact turn up in the two days that they assured me they would.

Wednesday 22nd November 2006.

We are still experiencing all types of weather that nature can throw at us. Today would have to gotten to 40 odd degrees until this afternoon when a southerly change came in and the temperatures dropped about 20 degrees in a matter of minutes. The wind accompanying the southerly change would have to be the strongest we have experienced while travelling, and it did have everyone in the caravan park scrambling to make sure their awnings were safe. Ours did cope very well, but I was a little concerned. Anyway all is calm at the moment so lets hope that is it for a while.