Monday 20th November 2006, (Windang).

Another week without putting words down because I have been busy. The weather has still been awful so I have had plenty of time to consider the purchase of the satellite unit. I did make the purchase and have spent some time getting it going, and then working out where to store it during our travels. We would not intend using the satellite when we do have terrestrial digital, but I am sure it will get some use in future. I do intend getting it out on our next few stops for practice.

I did also buy a new GPS unit and have also spent a fair bit of time playing with that. It does perform a myriad of functions more than the old one, so I do consider that it was a worthwhile purchase. It is incorporated in a PDA unit so it will take a fair bit more playing to work out how to use all the functions it does provide. With all that I have spent though, I am going to have to tighten my belt for a while.

One can see now why I have not had time to sit behind the keyboard for a week or so.

We do intend being here for another week or so before we head south toward Melbourne.