Wednesday 1st October 2006, (Sydney).We did move yesterday and had planned on going half way to Sydney, but there were severe storms forecast for the area that we had thought of stopping, and the same for the next couple of days, so we thought that if we were going to get wet we may as well go all the way. This would have to be one of the longest trips in our entire six years of travel, being in excess of 500 Km and took 71/2 hours, something we would think we would never do again. It seems our decision to go on was a wise one, as the news last night showed how Newcastle had a very severe hail storm not long after we passed the area. It was starting to rain as we did pass Newcastle.

We are going to be here for about 3 days for visiting and doing a couple of things we need to do before heading off to the Wollongong area.