Sunday 12th November 2006, (Windang).

Still not a great deal done due to the weather not being cooperative, but we will get to do and see what we want one day.

Today saw the local truck run for handicapped kids, and it was longer than one could attempt to explain. I heard this strange engine noise at 8 o’clock when I woke up and although they were moving very slowly they were still going past at 11 o’clock when I went to have a look. Stories have it that there were in excess of 500 trucks in the parade, and I would have thought it would have been more.


Wednesday 8th November 2006, (Windang).We have decided to stay here for possibly 3 weeks as the area is spectacular and we would like to see as much as we can.

The weather fined up a little today so we went for a drive around the area for a familiarisation look, and we did like what we saw. There are some immaculate scenic points along the coast showing almost the entire area of Wollongong and surrounds. It became overcast during our drive so it was decided not to take too many pictures and come back another day when it is fine.

Just south of Stanwell park, about 30 Km north of Wollongong, there has been a bridge constructed along the coast, different than most bridges this one doesn’t cross a river, but goes around the coastline where it is very steep and the old road collapsed. This is supposedly Sydney’s answer to Victorias Great Ocean Road. I will insert pictures when I get some good ones.


Sunday 5th November 2006, (Windang).Back in April 2004 I made comment about how we were having trouble with water pressure at Legana caravan park, and how it kept popping our hose joints apart and caused a leak in the caravan. We have found that Windang has a similarly high water pressure, if not higher than that of Legana, and we are now once again experiencing water leaks. Legana has since fixed the problem by installing a pressure limiter on the feed to the caravan park, so we have not had the problem on other occasions we have visited there since.

The problem is that the water inlet to the van has a built in pressure limiter, but its maximum inlet pressure rating is only about 180lb and the mains pressure was a lot higher than this so the result was a leak from the seals within the pressure limiter on the van. We have not experienced the problem anywhere else in Aus. until we arrived here. The day we checked in I did notice the mains pressure was quite high, but didn’t think about it any more until another van, that had also just checked in, popped a hose off a tap inside the van and resulted in flooding the van. The owners had in the mean time gone out so were unaware until they came home, but we had turned off their water in the mean time.

This got me remembering our previous problems so we kept an eye on our previous leak area and sure enough we had another leak. We had a choice to make: Either turn off our water and just use water from the tank, but this was extremely inconvenient, or buy a pressure limiter and mount it in line with our water hose. The later option was selected although it was rather expensive, but it does seem to be working well and I do now have a limiter that can be used anywhere.

I just can’t get away from fixing TV problems with other travellers. There is a couple just behind us that were experiencing extreme problems and it was learned by them, from the friends we came here to visit, that I was the one that had a little knowledge, so I got called upon. I am not surprised they had trouble, with two faults with the cable between the outer and inner van sockets. A bit of fiddling, repairing and working now sees them with good reception, so we can both retire tonight very happy. I do still get satisfaction from helping people in that situation.

It is now starting to look like we may be here for a couple of weeks as since we have been here it has blown and rained and we have not had a chance to see or do anything, so we do intend staying here till we do get to see something of the district.


Friday 3rd November 2006, (Windang- Shell Harbour).We have had a nice rest after our long trip the other day and have now moved on to Windang Near Shell Harbour, just south of Wollongong. See the map below.

This trip was only about 120 Km, which was a much more enjoyable short trip. We were in this area six years ago on our very first trip when we travelled from Melbourne around the coast north. We haven’t actually stayed in this area as we, last trip, went from Kiama to Sydney. One reason for coming here was to visit some travelling friends that are here, and have since been here decided that we could probably spend a couple of weeks here, so long as the weather improves.


Wednesday 1st October 2006, (Sydney).We did move yesterday and had planned on going half way to Sydney, but there were severe storms forecast for the area that we had thought of stopping, and the same for the next couple of days, so we thought that if we were going to get wet we may as well go all the way. This would have to be one of the longest trips in our entire six years of travel, being in excess of 500 Km and took 71/2 hours, something we would think we would never do again. It seems our decision to go on was a wise one, as the news last night showed how Newcastle had a very severe hail storm not long after we passed the area. It was starting to rain as we did pass Newcastle.

We are going to be here for about 3 days for visiting and doing a couple of things we need to do before heading off to the Wollongong area.