Sunshine Coast

Tuesday 24th October 2006, (Sunshine Coast).

It is amazing how much extra one uses when one is parked for so long. Today was a day for packing up the extra stuff so now all we have to do tomorrow is the normal packing as if it were a normal move.

Linda still has an appointment with the GP tomorrow to finally sort out a couple of questions so we can leave here with a clear mind, and whether we need to do some follow-up treatment when we get to Melbourne or not.

Our travel plans for the next couple of months, if we can stick to them, is to make a rather quick move to Sydney by making about four shortish trips and be there about this time next week. We are doing this so we can have a reasonable amount of time to spend cruising around the coast from Sydney to Melbourne concentrating on the southern NSW coast. We have only been along there once, six years ago, being our first trip after leaving Tassie for the first time. We intend stopping at places that we didn’t stop at on our first trip, but we at this stage not planning any places so we can pick them each time we make a move. We intend being in Melbourne early to mid December.

We just rang some friends we know that are in the Wollongong area to find out where they are, and they are at Windang, so I guess that will be our first stop after Sydney, and we will take it from there.

Wednesday 25th October 2006, (Sunshine Coast).

We are now all packed, except for finals tomorrow, so we will now be on the move again.