Sunshine Coast

Wednesday 18th October 2006, (Sunshine Coast).

I have decided what to do with the web site as far as my memoirs, and that is to partially take Matthew’s advice and create a memoirs page for information only, and then replace the reports with my memoirs using the same dating system. This will give a lot more information for people to read, if anybody is going to be interested.

Linda has had her final doctors visit this morning with results looking pleasing. It seems she has Pulmonary hypertension and has been given medication to relieve the symptoms. The unfortunate thing is that it looks like taking this medication for life. It is a relief though, knowing that there is nothing wrong with her heart and arteries.

Now that we seem to have finalised Linda’s treatment we can now look at leaving here and making our way south for Xmas. We have booked in here for another week to prepare for moving, so plan on leaving on Thursday 26th.

Sunday 22nd October 2006, (Sunshine Coast).

With Linda’s treatment now all that is left to do is to collect a copy of records from the specialist for future reference, and a final visit to the GP for final discussions about how the treatment will work in the future.

I have been spending a fair bit of time getting my memoirs ready to place on the web site, and it is going to take me a lot longer than initially thought. I have to copy each web entry into WordPad so I can overcome formatting problems and then copy them to the web site. The time taken to copy them to the web is a big consideration as well seeing I do have limited time on the internet without paying a lot extra, so we will just have to persist.

We are still planning on leaving here on Thursday and it will be nice to be on the road again.