Sunshine Coast

Wednesday 13th September.

No problems with checking in.

I should have been writing on a regular basis as things have been a little hectic over the past couple of weeks.

While in Melbourne Linda had a little health scare with a worry that she had heart problems. Naturally she did the wrong thing by having the problem for a week or so and didn’t say anything. We had to take her to hospital in the middle of the night on the morning before the funeral and after a few hours, and a few tests, she was allowed to leave. We did go to the funeral and since then she hasn’t seemed to have a major problem. We have had some tests done since returning to the Sunshine Coast and we will see what the problem was in time.

What has thrown a spanner in the works though, and this is not meant to sound derogatory, is Louisa’s father is very ill and in hospital again, and not expected to last very long. Linda now wants to fly to Tassie to be with Lou and her kids and mother to offer support in their hour of need, so she is booked on a flight tomorrow from Brisbane. It would be the intention that if John passes soon then I would fly down for the funeral. Linda does have an appointment with a specialist in a couple of weeks so if we need to we can change that appointment for when she, or we, return. We do then intend to stay here on the Sunshine Coast until we can find out what happened with Linda.

I have also been busy installing STB’s, and have changed my approach to the whole procedure. I am now advising people that although I do provide the service free of charge, if at the end of the day they are happy with the service provided they can then make a donation to me for my services. This has worked of recent as people have been making said donations ending up giving me a little spending money. I have installed a couple that have had a small problem that I have decided is to do with a software upgrade and have reported it to the manufacturers, so we will see what action they take.

I have also has several suggestions that I should publish the booklet I compiled on the subject of aerials and STB’s, so I have sent a copy to Caravan and Motorhome magazine. I haven’t yet had a response from them, but we will see what happens. I have made a sign to put on the front of the van as well, so I will start displaying that when the whether improves. Who knows it might generate something to keep me occupied while Linda is away.