Monday 18th September, (Launceston).

Worries were extenuated yesterday when I misplaced my wallet. My logic reasoning told me where it must be, but with Matt and Lou out, and Alice probably in bed, I was not likely to find out if it was on their couch or not until early hours of the morning when Matt and Lou arrived back home. Sure enough it was there, but it didn’t stop the worry. On top of Linda’s problems things did come to somewhat of a head.

All is a little relieved now though after making an appointment with Dr James, as recommended by Dr Faithful on Sunshine Coast, to have another test done while here. This visit was well worth it as James does explain most all, and we are now both feeling a little more relieved. The test required will be done tomorrow and James will forward the results to Faithful so she will have them when Linda sees here the next time, Thursday or Friday.