Sunshine Coast

Thursday 21st September, (Sunshine Coast).

Linda had her CT Scan and the results showed nothing wrong, with the exception it did show a bad disc in her back, 6/7, which explains the pain in the back she has had for years. Doctor Faithful will treat this when the present problem is overcome.

We are once again back on the Sunshine Coast, and hope this will be the last surprise trip for a while. We will now concentrate on Linda’s little problem before we consider moving, and it will be interesting to see how we handle the warm weather.

Several people are moving on tomorrow and this will leave us being one of the only originals from down south left for this year. The park is at present filling with school holiday makers with their kids, so it could be interesting times for a while.

Saturday 30th September, Sunshine Coast.

We had a visit to the specialist yesterday and the same story: at this stage it is unknown what Linda’s problem is. The next step is an angiogram to be done on Monday. This requires a day admission to hospital, Sunshine Coast Private Hospital, and hopefully with no complications she will be released on the same day. This test is to find out if the problem is angina or not.

On a completely different subject: while back in Tassie a couple of weeks ago I put a question to Matthew about starting our own web site, and his response was: “Easy, no problems”. I thought that would be the end of it, as I did remind him of the trouble Narrelle had getting him to create one, but an email from him today informed me he had already created a site for us, He has published most of my reports on the site and it turns out that it seems not very difficult for me to modify the site to add what I wish to. It will be interesting to see how the site progresses.


Monday 18th September, (Launceston).

Worries were extenuated yesterday when I misplaced my wallet. My logic reasoning told me where it must be, but with Matt and Lou out, and Alice probably in bed, I was not likely to find out if it was on their couch or not until early hours of the morning when Matt and Lou arrived back home. Sure enough it was there, but it didn’t stop the worry. On top of Linda’s problems things did come to somewhat of a head.

All is a little relieved now though after making an appointment with Dr James, as recommended by Dr Faithful on Sunshine Coast, to have another test done while here. This visit was well worth it as James does explain most all, and we are now both feeling a little more relieved. The test required will be done tomorrow and James will forward the results to Faithful so she will have them when Linda sees here the next time, Thursday or Friday.


Saturday 16th September, (Launceston).

We are both now in Launceston and will be here until Wednesday.

Worries are still confronting us, with Linda getting a couple of messages from the GP in Maroochydore informing her that it is a matter of reasonable urgency that she make an appointment to get the results of the tests she has had done. This in its own is worrying enough, but we now can’t find out anything until Monday when their surgery is open again. They did even indicate that if Linda is going to be here for a while she should make a local appointment and get the results sent down. We can only assume that the seriousness is not too severe and find out Monday, and also let them know we will be back on Wednesday. This is not going to stop Linda worrying though.

Sunshine Coast

Thursday 14th September.

More dramas already with John Skirving passing away late last night. Linda is now feeling a little depressed because she wanted to be there to offer her support when the event occurred. She is now on a flight to Tassie as we had booked it earlier yesterday so she could be there for however long was needed. I am now flying across tomorrow and we will be returning on Wednesday 20th. These were the only flights I could get hold of. All is now booked though, even down to the rental car, and I have an offer of a lift to the airport tomorrow by the people who are looking after the bird.

I have already received a response from the caravan magazine about my TV reception booklet. The say they will publish it in conjunction with a story someone else was putting together and have offered me a free 12 month subscription as well as accreditation for the story, so we will see what happens.

Sunshine Coast

Wednesday 13th September.

No problems with checking in.

I should have been writing on a regular basis as things have been a little hectic over the past couple of weeks.

While in Melbourne Linda had a little health scare with a worry that she had heart problems. Naturally she did the wrong thing by having the problem for a week or so and didn’t say anything. We had to take her to hospital in the middle of the night on the morning before the funeral and after a few hours, and a few tests, she was allowed to leave. We did go to the funeral and since then she hasn’t seemed to have a major problem. We have had some tests done since returning to the Sunshine Coast and we will see what the problem was in time.

What has thrown a spanner in the works though, and this is not meant to sound derogatory, is Louisa’s father is very ill and in hospital again, and not expected to last very long. Linda now wants to fly to Tassie to be with Lou and her kids and mother to offer support in their hour of need, so she is booked on a flight tomorrow from Brisbane. It would be the intention that if John passes soon then I would fly down for the funeral. Linda does have an appointment with a specialist in a couple of weeks so if we need to we can change that appointment for when she, or we, return. We do then intend to stay here on the Sunshine Coast until we can find out what happened with Linda.

I have also been busy installing STB’s, and have changed my approach to the whole procedure. I am now advising people that although I do provide the service free of charge, if at the end of the day they are happy with the service provided they can then make a donation to me for my services. This has worked of recent as people have been making said donations ending up giving me a little spending money. I have installed a couple that have had a small problem that I have decided is to do with a software upgrade and have reported it to the manufacturers, so we will see what action they take.

I have also has several suggestions that I should publish the booklet I compiled on the subject of aerials and STB’s, so I have sent a copy to Caravan and Motorhome magazine. I haven’t yet had a response from them, but we will see what happens. I have made a sign to put on the front of the van as well, so I will start displaying that when the whether improves. Who knows it might generate something to keep me occupied while Linda is away.