Sunshine Coast

Tuesday 29th August.

We received some news last night by email that our friend from Melbourne, Barry Markby, passed away on the 24th at Brisbane hospital after a boating accident at Hervey Bay a week earlier. The reason we decided to stay here for a couple of extra weeks was so we could see Barry and Ida on their way back down from Hervey Bay when they were to arrive at Noosa. We are now flying down to Melbourne for the funeral on Friday. We will fly down on Thursday and return on Sunday.

I also heard on the news today that a body found, after being shot, at Lake Leake in Tassie was that of one John Thorn. I don’t know at this stage whether or not it was the brother of Doug, an old mate from Launceston. Doug and John moved to St. Hellens years ago, bought a couple of fishing boats, and made their millions. Doug had since moved to retirement on the Gold Coast and I hadn’t heard anything of either of them since. I will keep a lookout in the Examiner, the home newspaper, for more information.

All this is also after hearing that a Friend Lindsay, that we met here a couple of years ago, and was here again last year, has a very bad case of cancer and has not long to live. Lindsay and his wife sold up in Victoria and bought a place here on the Sunshine Coast earlier this year. He is very good friends with quite a few people here in the caravan park that have been coming here for quite a few years as well. The news has upset a lot in the park.

I am hoping that this will be the case of it happens in threes and will be all for a while.

Wednesday 30th August.

A little problem that will be tested tomorrow. When checking in on-line for our flights tomorrow I had a problem with the check in session timing out before I could print Linda’s boarding pass for the Sydney boarding, our flight goes via Sydney. All further attempts said I should check with check-in at the airport, so it will be interesting to see what happens when we get there.