Sunshine Coast

Monday 3rd July 2006.

Not much happening other than helping people with STB’s. Some are buying sets first and when they can’t get them going I get called in, and I am surprised how hard some sets are to use (non user friendly menus). It now becomes apparent that most sets are built for the home situation so when they are set up then nothing has to change. When it comes to installing them in a travel situation they are simply too difficult for the aged ‘Grey Nomad’ to learn how to drive. Some of them I have convinced to take the unit back for a refund and then buy one that I recommend, but some seem resolved to stick with what they have, so it is ultimately up to them. One situation was that one gent had bought himself a set that has a hard drive so he could record, it turned out the first one he bought was faulty and we could not get it to work, so it was replaced with another. This gent, while later talking to an elderly female Nomad about STB’s recommended to her that she should buy one of the same models. Not only is it too hard for her to learn to drive, she would never want it to record anyway, even if she could figure it out. It turned out that the first one she bought was faulty as well, so they replaced it for another the same. This also indicates to me that this model is not a very good one anyway. Once again I got called on when there was trouble getting it functioning, and it turns out that it seems this unit could also be faulty. Maybe she will go and take it back and then purchase one of my easy to use ones, especially after I took my spare around and showed her how much better it was. That was a few days ago and I haven’t heard anything else so I will wait until Linda is on the plane for Melbourne and go and see her again.

One can now see how I have been getting involved with these sets, there are many more situations, but they will not be told. I just wish these other people would give up thinking they know all and refer people to me first instead of calling on me to make repairs, but that’s how things, and people, go.

My booklet of information seems to be a hit as I am now getting very favourable reports back about it. Several are even suggesting that I should submit it to a caravan book for publication, and I am thinking that it could be a good idea so I may follow through with it.

Oh yeah, while I did mention it, Linda is on her way back to Melbourne on Wednesday for three weeks for her usual visit to grandkids for their birthdays.