Sunshine Coast

Tuesday 20th June.

3 weeks it has been now, so it must normally seem as though nothing has been happening. I have actually been flat out and had no spare time at all. Several people have gotten me to install STB’s for them, and I have been busy building a document aimed at explaining a few things about aerials for the traveller. I have since wondered what help the document would be as after giving a copy to several people to proof read only a couple came back. This indicated to me that maybe it made no sense to some and they weren’t game to bring it back. The ones that did come back only picked up spelling errors, so what did it mean to them? I have completed it though and anybody that is interested can have one so it may help them, perhaps! I have also struck up a deal at Good Guys on a couple of models that I recommend, but since doing so jobs have dried up somewhat. I have the info if more come up though, and if nothing else it has been somewhat of a learning exercise for me, and it has given me something to do. I did score a second unit for myself, one of the 2120’s, as it is 12V and cheap, so I intend using it for a demonstration model to show people that may be interested, and if nothing else I am sure I could sell it if I find no further use for it.