Sunshine Coast

Friday 12th May, (Sunshine Coast).

We had a relaxing time at Dalby, a walk around town, Linda did her thing checking out the shops, and generally enjoyed it.

Yesterday we also had an early start and when we arrived at Kingaroy, where we had originally decided to stay overnight and stock up with peanuts, after stocking up with the peanuts we decided that we had plenty of time to carry on all the way to the Sunshine Coast. We have been getting a little sick of the cool nights, which were colder than the BOM indicated, and it was like it all the way from Melbourne. Most nights during the whole trip got down to 2 or 3 degrees and the B.O.M. indicated the minimum average for all places was 8-10 so I guess it was cooler than average everywhere. The thing that finally made our decision to hurry to the coast was the weather reports for Brisbane area we were seeing once we arrived in Queensland, with the minimums at 12-15, so the temptation was just too much for us.

The decision to move all the way yesterday turned out to be a good one as it started raining last night and has been raining a fair bit since. We would have gotten rather wet if we had moved today.

It is nice to be here at last. We once again feel like we are home, and Piper obviously feels that way too. I think we are going to enjoy the next few months.

One thing that surprised me though was the fact that it took Linda a full day to get to the shopping centre, but she did get there today.

The next few months may result in not much being written so this may as well be it for now.