Sunshine Coast

Chapter 37

On the Sunshine Coast and possibly beyond.

Friday 12th May 2006, (Sunshine Coast).

We arrived here yesterday and already stated we feel like we are home again.

We intend sitting here for about 4 months so there may not be much put down.

Monday 15th May, (Sunshine Coast).

Been here less than a week and we are already talking about the possibility of making the Sunshine Coast our base sometime in the future and settle here when not travelling. I must go to the office one day and ask about the conditions of permanency on a site, this may influence our decision.

I had a rather fulfilling day today with taking the car to Midas to check an exhaust leak, and turned out having to replace the muffler. I am quite surprised to have only gotten 80,00 Km from that muffler. We will see how long this one lasts. I also fitted new pole carrier pipes to the rear of the caravan as the existing ones were not big enough. I didn’t replace the existing ones, as to do so would mean a 150mm new pipe and they, and attachments, are too expensive, so the new 100mm one as well as old 75mm ones should now suffice. I will probably be able to use the old rear one for storage of drain pipes so I can get rid of them from the tunnel. I also fitted a short carrier to the rear of the roof racks on the car. There was a meter of pipe left over as I could only buy a 3 meter length, so I bought some more end covers and made the second one. This short one should suffice for the short poles and fly screens from the annexe.

Tomorrow seems as though it is going to be spring cleaning day: Something to really look forward to.