Sunshine Coast

Sunday 21st May, (Sunshine Coast).

We have had a fair bit of rain over the last week so not a great deal has been done. I have managed to rewire the power through the tunnel and to the battery charger to make it at least legal. I wired in a power point in the tunnel to which the power supply for the fridge now wires to, and removed the dodgy wiring for the inverter. When the inverter ever gets used again a cable connection will have to be used from it to the outside socket, which should have been the case all along. The switch inside for the inverter will still fully function.

I have also purchased a new battery charger to keep the battery up during evenings, as we now use 12 volts more with running the new TV direct from it and the old one wasn’t big enough. Nothing is straight forward though: I purchased a cheapy, old technology, as I am unsure how the newer, pulse switching technology, would handle working with the solar panels. I have come across another problem that could have been the same with the old charger, I don’t know because I probably haven’t looked at the charge level at night when the solar panels have switched off. It happens that after dark I found the charger produces no charge due to it not turning the regulator on. After thinking about it for a while it seems to me that it could well be that the output may not be very well regulated, resulting in the variation of voltage may result in not turning on the regulator, but when the solar is working its voltage would regulate the chargers output. I am going to buy a capacitor and try putting it across the output to see if it makes a difference.