Sunday 7th May 2006, Moree.

We had a short trip to the northern end of Mt. Kaputar National Park yesterday to a feature called Sawn Rocks. This is reputed to be the best specimen of an organ pipe formation in the southern hemisphere, and it could well be true.

This hasn’t happened for a while: A couple of photos.

I can’t get over how the pillars have formed in a perfect hexagonal shape, not just some of them, but most of them. This formation is a must see if in the area.

We have moved today to Moree, only a short trip of 100km. We had thought of going next to Dalby in our rush to get to warmer weather, but being too far for one journey, 450km odd, and with the weather being warmer now than it was we decided to stop over at Moree and enjoy a soak in the hot artesian pools located at the caravan park we are at. We don’t intend doing anything else while here, except, we have decided to stay for two days instead of only overnight as we were originally expecting the trapped miners in Beaconsfield to be released some time tonight and we want to watch it on tele. It now seems that they may be a day later being released so hopefully it will happen tomorrow while we are here anyway.