Tuesday 4th April, 2006. (Melbourne).

Settled in to Melbourne and surprise we haven’t yet had a visit from Matt and Lou yet. They are at present looking at renting the house they looked at and are hopeful of obtaining it. We haven’t heard anything from them yet but I dare say we will if and when it happens. I was hit for a loan though for a few months advance rental and, although I was a little sceptical based on past cases, I did concede and hopefully it will help them out and they will reply by doing the right thing.

Narrelle and Matt are now getting ready for their move back to England and have booked their flight, I think on Monday or Tuesday next week. This leaves us with a decision as to when we leave here. We did want to stay for an extra week as it is Easter, but they want an extravagant fee at the caravan park for that period, so it seems that we may leave on Thursday next week. This could change if Matt and Lou end up getting a house with enough room for us to park the van in their yard.

Saturday 8th April (Melbourne).

It seems now that we may be staying at Apollo for Easter regardless of the expense.

The helping to move both Matt (ours) and Narrelle is almost over with only a little cleaning up at Nell’s to be done, so it will be nice to have a couple of days rest. Nell and Matt are flying out on Tuesday night so then it will be just seeing Easter out with Matt and Lou, and then moving on to warmer weather.