On our way North again.

Tuesday 18th April 2006, (Albury).

Finally, we have left Melbourne for our journey north to the Sunshine Coast for the winter period.

Change number one to our travel plans is to detour via Albury to deliver a birthday present to Matt’s mum. It is a photo set in a frame and Australia Post wouldn’t take it because it is fragile, so we had no option other than deliver it personally.

We do intend going to Deniliquin from here, then on to Griffith and then up the Newel/Leichhardt Highways to Kingaroy, and then to the Sunshine Coast. The only thing we can envisage changing these plans is if it gets too cold and we head for the coast early.

After setting up camp this afternoon and sitting down for a smoke I started to think that there was something fundamentally different here from Melbourne, and decided that it is the “Lack of bloody wind”. It is so much more enjoyable already.