Sunday 30th April, (Griffith).

The weather improved a little today, still overcast though, so we had a short drive to Lake Wyangan, about 8km west of town. There is a camping area there with maximum time of 3 days, and it looked like a nice enough place to camp if it was not raining. The lake and picnic area is a very nice place for picnics and such as was demonstrated be the number of locals there. Also on offer were some animals in cages like a mini zoo that would help make it an ideal place for an outing with kids.

We also had a short walk along the main street with the idea of me taking my usual photo session, but as explained this city is a difficult one to photo as there is basically only one main street with all the shops along one side of it, so all scenery looks the same. The other problem is that the few decent buildings worth photographing were surrounded by trees so no decent shots could be taken.

The weather does not look like improving over the next few days so we will move on tomorrow anyway and there will always be the next time to see what we missed.


Wednesday 26th April, (Griffith).

Now at Griffith about 200km north of Deniliquin. We will be here for 5 days or so, and the main influencing factor is how Linda recovers from a virus she picked up on Monday. She was pretty bad with it on Monday and doesn’t seem so bad now, but we will see how she improves over the next few days.

There also seems to be a fair bit to do round here and a visit to the information centre tomorrow will reveal how much.

We were a little lucky to get in at this caravan park as they have a caravan club booked in, but they did find a site for us. It doesn’t suit our annexe but I have mounted our travel awning roof between the van and the en-suite so hopefully this will suffice.

It’s nice to be back in a digital TV area again, although there is no channel 10, but we don’t watch it much anyway.

Saturday 29th April, (Griffith).

We have had a couple of lazy days as it has been wet and windy. There are a couple of things we wanted to do and see, like a national park about 35km to the north east, but we are not going bush walking in the wet. It doesn’t really matter if we don’t get there as there will be next time.

This is a funny laid out town with most of the city area confined to one main street so not many photos will be taken as it won’t need many to show the town layout. We did visit a couple of lookouts north of town so I did get some elevated shots of the town. We will now see what happens over the next couple of days as to whether we extend our visit.


Friday 21st April, (Deniliquin).

We are now where we intended to be on our first stop after leaving Melbourne, Deniliquin, about 200km west of Albury. This seems like a very nice town, but a bit warmer weather would help a lot. We are finding the temperatures are a little cooler than normal, but it seems to be that way all round this area, so hopefully it will improve.

The caravan park we are in is in a rather nice area on the banks of the Edward River that runs through the town. It is one of the very few parks that offer river views and actually supply it. It would be nice, if a bit warmer, to sit on the river bank and have lunches, so we are considering returning here another time when it is a bit warmer.

Monday 24th April, (Deniliquin).

Quite a nice little town is Deniliquin with a difference to most towns of this size. They have a series of lakes, or ponds, that stretch the length of the main town centre and makes a great place for somewhere to sit and relax during walking around town shopping or whatever. I had a walk around town on Saturday doing my usual photo thing, but only covered half of the town so we went on another stroll today. It turns out I covered most of the town on Saturday so today was mostly spent along the ponds and river edge.



On our way North again.

Tuesday 18th April 2006, (Albury).

Finally, we have left Melbourne for our journey north to the Sunshine Coast for the winter period.

Change number one to our travel plans is to detour via Albury to deliver a birthday present to Matt’s mum. It is a photo set in a frame and Australia Post wouldn’t take it because it is fragile, so we had no option other than deliver it personally.

We do intend going to Deniliquin from here, then on to Griffith and then up the Newel/Leichhardt Highways to Kingaroy, and then to the Sunshine Coast. The only thing we can envisage changing these plans is if it gets too cold and we head for the coast early.

After setting up camp this afternoon and sitting down for a smoke I started to think that there was something fundamentally different here from Melbourne, and decided that it is the “Lack of bloody wind”. It is so much more enjoyable already.


Monday 18th April (Melbourne).

All is now done in Melbourne and we are packed and ready for a move tomorrow. We have had to make a small change to our travel plans and go north via Albury, and then on to Deniliquin. Nelle and Matt left us with a birthday present for Matt’s mum, and as Australia Post wouldn’t take it due to it being fragile we had no option but to deliver it personally. Albury won’t be too far out of our way only adding a couple of hundred Kilometres to our trip so it’s no drama.

I have bought myself a web-cam with the idea of setting up a video call to Nelle and Matt, and even Matt and Lou, with the idea of being able to see the kids as well. Linda is not so rapt in the idea, but then I’m sure it is only that thing about having her picture taken.