Sunday 26th March 2006 (Tassie).

It is now getting close to time to return to the mainland, and our main thoughts at the moment are that we will now have no real reason to return to Tassie every year. It will be nice to return in a couple of years and be able to get to visit a few more people than we have had a chance to over the last few years. We will also have a chance to just do the touristy thing when we do return.

We have now packed up Matt and Lou, and they are now ready to move, so now it is our turn to get ready for our move on Wednesday.

We have had a chance to catch up with Ken and Val Hosken yesterday, and Val did her usual thing and over catered for our afternoon tea visit. We have made an appointment with the Pom and Jackie tomorrow, and then Maxine and Paul on Tuesday, so we will get to catch up with a few more before we actually leave.