Chapter 35.

Back in Tassie (Before heading north).

Thursday 2nd March 2006.

We have once again returned to Tassie. We have left it until this time of year as we have been in Melbourne visiting Narrelle and Matt while they are here. We are sometimes wondering what we are doing over here this year as we have already seen Matt, Lou and the grandkids when they visited Melbourne recently, but then there are other people and things we must see and do so I guess it is an essential trip.

We are staying at our usual park at Legana, and surprisingly the new manager gave us a discount of $5.00 per day like the previous mangers did. Just as well because the asking $25.00 per day is what I consider to be a little expensive.

The car, after having the new plug leads fitted, seems to be performing a fair bit better towing the van, although the leg from Devonport to here didn’t prove anything because it is anything but an economical trip. I guess returning to the mainland will prove one way or another if it is.

Saturday 18th March 2006 (Tassie).

Well, over two weeks this time since writing anything. We have been extremely busy, as expected, assisting Matt and Lou get ready for their move to Melbourne, they are moving over at the same time as we are moving back. This has literally taken up all our time, so we have had no time for anything else, including visiting.

We did time our trip home this time rather well as it is time for elections and since they made changes to itinerant nominations this year we now have to vote where we were not previously eligible for state elections. Seeing that I would not know who I was voting for my answer was to simply fold up the ballot paper and place it straight in the box with no markings on it at all.