Thursday 2nd February.

Some bad news on Monday: Nephew Michael, son of John, passed away at work after what seemed to be a massive heart attack. It is a pity that it takes something like this to reunite the family. We have been in Melbourne for over 2 months and this week is the first time we have been to Geelong to visit, Ah well with our hectic life we will just have to put up with it. The funeral is on Monday so we must go and pay our respects.

More on that TV I found: We went and bought it. I decided to use funds from the investment account that terminates in a month or so. It is a little different watching an LCD screen, as the contrast between bright and dark pictures is much greater than the old cathode ray screen, and it is proving a little difficult getting an adjustment to reach a happy compromise. The same result was apparent on the laptop as well, so it is obviously common to LCD not just the laptop as I thought. The other thing really noticed is the effect from video compression, as in photos, so it seems the LCD’s convert the signal to something like MPEG before displaying it, I do know this is the case with the laptop.

And yet more on the fan problem in the car: I went to see an auto-electrician the other day, and after him telling me he could want the car for up to a week to perform his analysis I decided that, seeing that this would definitely be no option for me, I would get my meter out and suss the situation myself. This proved to be a worthwhile exercise as I now know exactly what the fans are supposed to do. On low excessive heat the relays switch both fans in series so they run slowly, and on high excessive heat the relays switch the fans in parallel so they run at speed. After swapping the relays and finding a difference in operation it was quite apparent that one of the relays was faulty, and replacements did in fact rectify the fault and now all is working well. It is amazing that neither the mechanic or auto-electrician were prepared to suggest that the problem could be the relays, as it now seems to me that this would be the most obvious solution.

In the process of looking at the fans I did discover another problem. I found a fuse blown that was designated HEGO sensor, and my first thought was what in the hell is a HEGO sensor. Investigations found that it is an exhaust oxygen level sensor so as the computer can adjust the fuel/air mixture, and it apparently only effects operation on petrol, not gas. I don’t run on petrol very often so the resultant effects were not noticed. I will see if the mechanic has any idea when I take the car in for new plugs and leads and then take it from there.