Friday 27th January.

What’s been happening this week: I have been chasing some more car maintenance. I went to visit the mechanic Barry referred me to and had a word with him about these special plug leads and plugs that he installed in Barry’s car. Barry did mention that since having them fitted the car seems to go a lot better, so seeing I am just about due for another set of plug leads I thought that I would give them a try. My existing plugs are reasonably new so I will give the new ones a try but keep the existing ones as spares. The cost of the new plug leads, specially designed for gas running cars, are no more expensive that ordinary leads so it will be no extra expense giving them a try anyway.

While at the mechanics I asked him what he knew about electric radiator fans. He actually showed a method of testing the fans by turning on the air conditioning with the fan on high, and this should start the radiator fans. We did this and he decided that the passenger side fan wasn’t working so he convinced me to buy and fit a new one. I ordered one the other day and picked it up this morning, it was only a motor though and needed other parts, blades etc. to be fitted to it. When I got home and had a look at the motor and what had to be done I noticed that they had supplied the wrong one, it was the drivers side, so I returned it to be replaced with the correct one. The only difference, apparently, is the different length of the wiring, and the positioning of the connectors in the plug, a new plug is supplied with the motor. I could have utilised that motor by hiding away the extra length of wiring, and placing the connectors on the right holes, but I don’t have a suitable tool for removing the connector pins, so it could be a bit of a fiddly job. Due to this it was decided to replace the motor for the correct one, then if necessary I can destroy the old plug to remove the wiring needed for the other motor, so I can place them in the new plug. This would be a lot easier than trying to remove all leads and moving them.

Fun and games with the car again. All along I have never been convinced that the fan motor was actually the faulty component so while having a few spare moments today I decided to do some tests myself and found the following: When the air conditioner is on and the fan is turned to 1 or 2 the suspect fan actually runs but only slowly. When the air fan is switched to 3 or 4 the other fan runs fast and the suspect one does not run. I have decided that it was this condition that convinced the mechanic that the suspect fan was actually faulty. I followed this up with some further electrical tests looking for voltages and found the following: When the air fan is turned to 1 or 2 the earth lead on the suspect fan shows a low voltage, hence the fan running slowly, and the other fan has a low voltage on the batt wire and in fact ran slowly as well. When the air fan is switched to 3 or 4 the suspect fan has a full earth but no batt, hence not running, and the other fan has full voltage on both leads, hence running fast.

I have now decided to go ahead with replacing the fan motor and see what happens then and if no different than what happens now I will have to seek further advice from someone who hopefully know all about what should happen. This will of coarse be after I see what happens when the car is running in actual hot conditions.

Like I already said, More car dramas.

Other things that have happened: It’s a pity I don’t have more money as I found the ideal Set Top Box and TV. The STB, at Targets, had a dual tuner so one could watch one and record the other at the same time. It also had a 140Meg hard drive and possible PC connectivity so it looked ideal for recording movies etc. It was also reasonably priced at $490.00, down from $790.00, so would have been a good buy.

We also visited Panasales, after seeing them advertised on telly, and found what would have been the ideal 43cm wide screen LCD TV at a reasonable $599.00 price, but as already stated I now have a lack of finances so I had to bypass both units and just stick with what we have.

We have also, naturally, been visiting Nelle Matt and Cookie, and not surprising Linda is astounded at the rate that he is putting on weight and growing, but then he is a very contented kid and does eat well. I am not going to mention much more on this topic because anybody will naturally expect everything I were to say, and would probably be, biased anyway.