Tuesday 17th January.

Another week has passed and nothing out of what we would expect to be ordinary has happened.

I have finally bought the analogue tuner and started to record movies from TV that we don’t watch so we will have some recordings for the future when we need them. I will have to upgrade the RAM in the laptop so I can see if that fixes the problems I’m having with the video editor I have. It would be nice to think I could edit out the ads, but at the moment I am not having a great deal of success. It is more than likely the file sizes I am working with are of too big a size.

Sunday 22nd January.

Another stinker of a day today with the temperatures soaring up to 44 Deg. We had a day that hot on new years eve, but this one was following a day that was 40 deg as well, and two in a row are a little hard to take. Poor Piper is the one that is most affected by it. The best thing one can do in those temperatures is to sit in the annexe, in the shade, with all windows open and not move much. One is in no mood to move much anyway.

Not much out of the ordinary happening, except I have been working on burning movies onto DVD’s. I have been recording movies from telly with the digital tuner and burning them, I have also practiced recording from a VCR tape with the analogue tuner and burning them. There are differences in these recordings as the analogue tuner records in more than one file, each being about 600mb, and the digital records in just the one file. I have found that the burning software has a reasonably good editing programme which is good for both formats. The main problem with this software is that it I very slow. I am going to upgrade the RAM with another 250m and see if that makes any difference.