Wednesday 4th January 2006.

The new year is upon us and I have again been rather slack in not putting down any words. Not as if not much has been happening, just been too slack I guess.

One of the main things taking our time is the expectation of the birth of Narrelle’s baby, which as yet has failed to eventuate. It seems that “Cookie” is leaving it for as long as possible.

I have had to put a stop to my spending spree, as is normal when we spent so much time where everything is so available, as I have now spent too much. I did have the idea of buying a new TV, wide screen, a new battery for the car, deep cycle for camping, possibly another solar panel and a GPS unit. Now after the new transmission and buying a GPS unit everything else will have to be put on hold.

The TV would only be for glory, as we already have a system that works well, only it is not wide screen, but I do have the laptop if I really need wide screen.

The battery and solar panel have also been put on hold as it now seems that we won’t be doing much camping out this year because we, especially Linda, have decided that another year of sitting time and not much travel would go down well. So we have almost definitely put off long trips until at least next year.

After a little investigation, which was sadly very restrictive, on how and what GPS systems do, I did purchase a cheaper unit of the ones available. The expensive one could have been more suitable, or more user friendly with more features, but one would never know until he bought one and nearly $1,000 was just too much for something that will only make it a bit easier to find our way around without Linda having her face stuck in a map book. The unit we did purchase will seem to suffice with the little practice we have had, especially in larger towns or cities, but it may be a little restrictive in remote country areas because it is purely dependant on street listings to plot a course to ones destination. It does not have the facility to plot a course to places like rest areas, and such, or small towns that the units data storage doesn’t contain information about. We are sure that it will be very useful in many situations in the future.