Thursday 15th December.

Yet another week has passed and one wonders where the time goes, especially when one doesn’t seem to accomplish a great deal.

Asking Linda what we have done over the last week and we are both at a loss to how we have actually filled in our time. We did finally make our Xmas calendars and cards, and post them off.

We also went for a drive yesterday down to the coast on Hastings and Flinders side of the Peninsula. Our main reason for doing so, apart from a sightseeing trip, was to see if we could find some cuttle-fish for Piper, but if that were to be the only reason it was an expensive trip as we did not find any. I really don’t think that area is one for finding them, and as far as sight-seeing, we decided that we have actually been down there before and there was still nothing astonishing to see this time either.

I also have spent a bit of time the past few days working on rewiring the audio and video cabling between the STB, VCR, TV and stereo via a switching unit. Some of this wiring was wired via a switch, but it has been playing up lately and needed replacing. So I have now redone it and it now incorporates the STB and a few other situations that will arise later in our travels. In particular when we are camping out, so apart from the aerial cabling everything else is now via the switches.