Saturday 3rd December.

The past week, or nearly, has been a rather quiet one being on my own. I have managed to achieve a few things around the van and generally keep myself busy. I went out to Nelle and Matt’s for tea yesterday and it turned out to be a late night as we watched a movie after a latish tea, but no drama.

Wednesday 7th December.

Linda is back from Tassie and as usual she is suffering from lack of sleep, this always happens on her trips home.

More problems with oil pressure in the car, or at least hopefully, pressure reading. The gauge today decided to read zero, as in no pressure at all, so we are now very suspicious of the pressure sensor. I acquired a mechanics details from Barry Markby and although he was too busy to fit me in for a few weeks, he was only too prepared to discuss my problem, and assured me that Kmart Auto Services should be competent enough to do the job. We are booked in on Friday so we will see what happens from there.

Friday 9th December.

A stroke of luck today as I took the car for a service: The oil pressure sensor failed in a big way and was spraying oil everywhere when I pulled up at the servo. This at least answered my questions about its condition. It was replaced and now the pressure readings are thankfully up to a level very close to when I bought the car, a very good sign considering the work the car has done since then. Coolant was also replaced and at a cost of nearly $80.00 I think I will be doing it myself from now on.

I have now decided that the gas mechanic back home will get the big flick from now on, if he hadn’t quoted something in the order of $200.00 to check and possibly replace the sensor, I would have done the replacement way back then. The actual cost to have the job done today was just a little over $100.00.