Saturday 5th November, (Albury).

We are now on our last stopover before reaching Melbourne, having moved to Albury yesterday. We took a route down to Cootamundra, then turned left to a road across to the Hume highway just north of Gundagai and then down the highway to Albury.

We had a bad engine misfire on the way down here that gave me a reminder that it is time to replace the spark plugs, so today I thought I would buy some and replace them myself. It didn’t take long to realise that perhaps I shouldn’t have tackled the job, as it took me a visit to about 4 shops before I could find the type plugs I required, eventually getting them at Wodonga. Then to my surprise, when I went to fit them, I found that I didn’t have a socket to extract the old ones with, let alone put in the new ones. I went to several shops to purchase one but to no avail, so I borrowed one from the park manager. Then the catastrophe: one of the plug leads broke when I attempted to remove it, leaving me in a bit of a quandary, but I did manage to repair it. The cable pulled out of the plug connector, as it seems it could easily happen at any time with any lead, so after trimming the rubber surround, I re-terminated the connector seemingly satisfactorily. Fortunately none of the other leads broke so I ended up successfully replacing all the plugs.

I will now have to give serious consideration to replacing the plug leads some time in the near future.

Sunday 6th November, (Albury).

We had another visit to Matt’s parents today and as usual it was very enjoyable meeting with them again. We do meet them only, on average, about once a year while on our way south, and it is nice to catch up with the conversations about what we do have in common.

It was nice to see the countryside, on our way to Talgarno, very green again as it has been all the way inland that we have travelled since New Castle. The Hume lake was very full as well, probably the first time we have seen it so full.


Wednesday 2nd November, (Young).

We have changed our plans a little by going on to Young instead of Canowindra, pronounced Can-now-ndra, not Can-o-win-dra as we have been told. Young is about 250Km from Wellington where Canowindra was only about 120, so now we can go on to Albury from here and that will be the only other stop on our way to Melbourne, getting us there a week early.

As I mentioned in my travel report: We almost achieved everything we had to do at Wellington, apart from being there to see some friends. We did intend to see the Wellington Limestone caves and a lake close by, but I think we must be getting a little blasé about our travels and things we see because after looking at a brochure about the caves and seeing the same names given to the different shapes as those in other caves, we thought why bother, all these Limestone caves are beginning to look the same: Seen one seen them all attitude. The lake was only about 25% full so we also said why bother. Well after all we did mainly go to Wellington to see some friends. We did also get rained in for a few days.

We have been to Young before, when we travelled from Cowra to Cootamundra, and had a trip back from Coota to buy some cherrys. Now that we are staying here it does seem to be quite a nice town, although we can only stay for two days as the park is booked out. They did manage to fit us in by putting us on an overflow site. I dare say we will also be back this way again one day so we will give this town consideration next time, so for now this trip will be relaxation only.

Thursday 3rd November, (Young).

Just a piece of trivia: Young was formally known as Lambing Flats, and it was the first town in Australia, apart from capital cities, to have power connected to streets and houses.