Monday 28th November.

It’s been a week, what’s been happening: We moved sites last Monday and it is just as windy here, and the road noise isn’t much quieter.

It is now looking like we will keep the TV, computer options that we now have, as it would be a costly exercise to upgrade and there would be no guarantee that we could sell the old gear to offset costs. I have in the meantime bought a digital, USB connected, TV tuner and had a chance to test it’s operation on the laptop in the annexe. The wide screen is an advantage, but one disadvantage is that the picture motion does not seem as smooth as a TV screen. I found a video accelerator, and after watching it for a while, it now seems ok. After buying this unit, and possibly getting an analogue one soon, we now have a second TV option that would meet any of our requirements.

Linda bought herself a new bread maker because the old one developed a water leak in the cooking pan. We managed to find an identical unit as our existing one that was an ex demo unit, so we payed less for it that it would have cost to buy replacement parts for the old one. It cooked alright so Linda placed the old one in the laundry with an appropriate note attached. This turned out to be possibly the wrong decision as when Linda did her second cook, this time on the solid bench instead of on the carpet, and found that one of the legs is broken and the unit vibrates itself almost off the bench. It now seems that it would have been a better idea to keep the old outer unit and the new cooking pan, but now the only option is for me to take the unit back to where we bought it and see if they have another one to replace it.

We went out to dinner with Nelle and Matt on Saturday to celebrate our combined wedding anniversary and my birthday, on the 25th. We went to the same place as they had their wedding reception, well same named place but now across the other side of the road, and enjoyed another Turkish style meal. I did not manage to embarrass myself this time, or at least refused to permit it to occur, but did somewhat enjoy others do it to themselves. It seems to be the norm at one of these type functions to have a belly dancer, or similar, to perform during the evening and do her best to embarrass people. Something similar did happen at their wedding and I was the one committed to embarrassment.

Linda has now made her way to Tassie and I am now on my own for a week. We managed to get to the airport 50 minutes early, but the airport was that busy we spent all that time in a queue to check in. Then after the closed sign appeared for her flight our requests for getting out of the queue to make the flight were listened to and the last I saw of Linda was her running to the departure gate.

Well that is about it for the last week, we will see what develops next week.