Wednesday 16th November.

Surprise, surprise, I went to discuss with the park manager about our situation and they came up with a permanent site, about $50.00 a week cheaper.

It seems the main problem with the tourist sites is that their computer booking system, being Top Tourist, is going on line nation wide and sites can be booked from anywhere. This leads to the problem of not being able to secure a site booking if the full term is not paid for in advance. The other problem is that tourist sites, which may be now a TT standard, can only be booked for 28 days and then one must vacate the site. After vacating for a few days one is then welcome to return for a further 28 days, bit of a mix-up eh.

After explaining to them that we could be wanting to stay until Feb/Mar 06 they promptly advised us that there was a permanent site available that would be ours forever, or when we cancel, whichever comes first, and we only have to pay weekly. Why they couldn’t have told us this originally when we booked in for two months I have no idea.

Anyway we move on to the permanent site on Tuesday next week when our original booking expires.

Friday 18th November.

I had an idea today while waiting for Linda while she was doing her shopping, about future TV watching. I went to a computer shop and asked what was available in the way of a TV receivers that will plug into a laptop and found that several devices do exist. At the price of $125.00 I was almost tempted to buy one there and then. I then decided to have a look somewhere else, like Harvey Norman, and see what else is available. While sitting in the car thinking more about it, I also started thinking about another thought I had previously had along the same lines.

I have been suggesting to other travellers that if one were to buy a desktop computer, mounted properly somewhere, and make sure the monitor could also be used as a TV screen, several problems could be overcome with TV’s, Laptops etc.

Adding both ideas together could then be a more suitable option. A desktop with decent wide screen monitor and DVD drive, digital and or analogue TV tuner (USB connected), and not keep a laptop would cover all TV and computer situations we have, and get rid of some weight.

I would consider that if one were to go this way on initial set-up the costs would also be dramatically reduced. I even consider that if we decided to convert that way now and find a buyer for our existing, and then redundant, gear we would almost offset the set-up costs of the change over.

I am now looking at using our several months in Melbourne to pursue this option and see if units would appropriately fit in existing space in the van, find out costs, and decide if it would be viable, we do now have a fair amount of time.