Chapter 34.

Melbourne stay.

Tuesday 15th November 2005.

We have been in Melbourne for a week now and have settled in rather well, and have settled Narrelle and Matt in as well.

We are having caravan park dilemmas again: The cost of Apollo Gardens has increased to almost $200 per week and we consider this a little too much. The other problem is that this park would be the only one that wants full payment for bookings in advance, even if the booking is for several months. My ideas are that I won’t pay too much in advance for two main reasons. Number 1 is that I can’t see why they should have access to my money when I could be using it to earn me some, and number 2 is that if we for whatever reason decide to cancel our stay I can only imagine how much trouble we would have getting our money back.

We today went touring to check out a couple of other parks, one at Wantirna and Crystal Brook at Doncaster, but decided that these parks would not be suitable for our circumstances. Wantirna only had two sites available and both were far too small for the van and annexe. Crystal Brook are getting rid of permanents and say that stays at their park will be limited to about a month. Their price was cheaper than here, but the sites on offer were not extremely good with very small slabs.

After all this we have decided to stay at Apollo as it is more convenient to most everything we want to do. I will approach them tomorrow with our story about how we want to stay for at least 3 months, but will only pay for a month at a time, and we will take it from there. I would also insist that if they intend to overbook us we will then just take our business elsewhere.