Thursday 27th October, (Wellington).

We have now moved on to Wellington, between Dubbo and Orange, and will be here for a week or so. We have some friends, Kay and Adrian Boyer, that are here, hence the reason for coming this way. We met Kay and Adrian earlier this year at Roma and several stays after that, as they seemed to follow us, when we were on our way to the Sunshine Coast. Kay’s mother isn’t real well so they have been settled in Wellington since not long after we met them, to keep an eye on her.

One of our longest trips yesterday moving here, being about 300Km, and we are hopeful that we don’t do trips like this very often. We were both rather tired last night and it probably had a bit to do with the fact that we had travelled the day before as well. We haven’t done a lot of travelling for a fair while and it probably caught up with us.

One thing we are going to have to get used to again is the amount of insects around. We had forgotten that there were so many flies etc when one goes inland, and that is certainly the case here. We have had to upgrade our insect prevention somewhat to combat them, we will see how it all works tonight. The electric unit I placed in the annexe a little earlier appears to be doing its job, but later in the day will really tell.

Friday 28th October, (Wellington).

The insect repellers are obviously working as we had an insect free night in the van last night and didn’t even have to use the spray. It does make a difference not having insects inside crawling all over yourself all night.

I had my little walk around town today doing my usual thing by taking photos, and was quite surprised to find the town is actually larger than I thought it was. It is quite a neat town with some good looking gardens in the town on the river edge. No doubt Linda will want to go for a walk around the gardens one day so I didn’t bother taking any shot there today.

News of Kay and Adrian: with them being here for several months looking after Kay’s ill mother it now seems that Kay’s father is not well either, having taken some sort of bad turn yesterday, so they could be tied down here for some time to come.

Sunday 30th October, (Wellington).

We haven’t done a great deal so far while here, except for Linda working on her calendar that she wants to produce as a Christmas present for several people. We have been rained in today, which is another good reason for not doing much. Linda is getting quite good at using her laptop as she is now getting quite a bit of practice. Her now using a digital camera has also been a big step in her learning.

We are now thinking of changing our travel plans a little, as Linda is now looking forward to getting to Melbourne to see Narrelle and Matt with them being there now.