Old Bar

Sunday 23rd October, (Old Bar).

The weather did clear on Friday afternoon and the awning was dry, so here we are at the moment at Old Bar, on the coast just east of Taree. We moved yesterday and the trip was about 250Km. I am still a little concerned about the car and the oil pressure. The trip yesterday was on a rather warm day and being rather humid, and the temperature was rather high for most of the trip. Due to the high temp the oil pressure was very low. I am now wondering whether the synthetic oil I used at the last service may normally thin under high heat, or if the engine is starting to show massive signs of wear. I am also considering the fact that the oil pressure has been doing strange things for a while now, and has only been showing constant low pressures since the service at Maroochy. Perhaps the cleaner that was inserted during that service has actually done its job and cleaned out the system and the gauge is now reading the actual pressure. I guess I will have to see what happens over the next week or two when we move inland and meet different air conditions.

Old Bar is a very small town and would be a nice place to sit for a while and rest, as there is not much else to do in the immediate area. I guess it could be a nice base to look around the Taree area, which we haven’t done yet. We had a look at the caravan park at Taree on a visit to the city today and decided we would be just as well off staying here.