Sunday 2nd October, (Brisbane).

We filled in most of the day yesterday with a ferry ride up the river through the Brisbane city area. The City Cat is the local ferry service that does the job, although there are several other services that do similar cruises, but this one is included in all public transport services. One could get a day pass and catch a bus into the city and use the same pass to do the river cruise at a cost of about $5.00 per person, depending on how many zones. We chose to drive to the eastern end of the river and just catch the ferry at a cost of less than $5.00 per person. The trip was very much worth it and we enjoyed it thoroughly, it gives one a very good perception of the city area. I took over 200 pictures on the trip and had to start to limit myself or I may have run out of room on my storage card. I also had the idea of putting some of the shots here but could not chose which ones.

It is Sunday today so it will be our usual relax and do not much day. I do have a little PC work so between that and watching a little car racing on telly my day will be easily filled in.