Sunday 9th October, (Ballina).

I haven’t written anything over the last couple of days because I have bought a new laptop and I have been busy getting it up and running, these are the first new words on the new machine.

We had a trip to Lismore on Friday, where I bought the new laptop, and were quite surprised with the scenery of the area. It was the greenest and lushest landscape we have seen in quite a long time. It was unusual to see such a large city, one much larger than we had anticipated, built on and around such hilly terrain. It seems to me that the original town was built in a valley surrounded by all the hills, and further expansion saw the city expand over the hills. One reason we visited the city was to decide whether we would visit for a stay sometime in the future, and I think this would be a certainty. One small problem though, was the caravan parks in the city do not look suitable enough for our needs, with the exception of one on the southern outskirts. I should make a report in my caravan park report.

I am quite surprised, although I shouldn’t be, that firing up the new laptop went as easily as it did. I did have one small problem with naming the machine, my logon name and registration name. It seems that one cannot use the same name for more than one of these things so I ended up having to use a logon name of ‘Ron’. This caused a minor problem of having a slightly different file directory for my document files so when I copied files from one machine to the other some tools have to have their data storage updated, no real hassle just time consuming. I dare say that I will remember this for the future.

Another year of Bathurst is over with me sitting and watching it all day today, and an interesting race with its dramas it was.

A car service to replace that suspect oil and a little look around here and we will be ready for another move on Tuesday.