Wednesday 5th October 2005, (Ballina NSW).We gave up on waiting for our mail to turn up and have now moved on to Ballina NSW about 200Km south of Brisbane.

We, or at least Linda, haven’t stayed At Ballina before although we have been through the town on a few occasions in our travels up and down the coast. I think that on our first visit to the town something must have happened that turned us off the place. Then a couple of years ago, Nov. 2003, when I was travelling south on my own because Linda had flown home, I stopped at Ballina for a visit and decided it was quite a nice place. Last year we didn’t stay here because we were checking out small coastal towns, smaller than here, and while at Evans Heads we had a trip into Ballina and Linda also decided that it was quite a nice town. Hence we have stopped here on this trip, and Linda is already saying that she wished we had moved down here a week ago instead of staying in Brisbane for the extra week. We are both liking the idea of all the walking/bike tracks close at hand in the district, and intend putting them to full use while here.

I had a learning experience with digital TV reception today: Some channels have only recently began transmitting in this district, and one of them, NBN, was tuning into but had no audio. I found a contact number for NBN Lismore and rang them to enquire as to why, and was confronted with a female receptionist? that obviously had no real idea about any sort of transmission problems. I received stories such as, “Some people are having problems with receiving audio, one problem is that we are transmitting on the same channel as analogue, channel 37, go back to where you bought your set top box and ask how to fix it”. To start with they do actually transmit on different channels, analogue on 47 and digital on 37, but her answer to this was “Some people receive analogue on 47 and some receive us on 37”, this to me is a complete bunkum story. Anyway I had a look at trouble shooting with the STB instructions under no audio and found that NBN here are transmitting more than one option of audio and it is defaulting to the wrong one, so after I changed to what the book said all was ok. I will remember this for possible future occasions.

Thursday 6th October, (Ballina).

So hot today, hit 40 mid afternoon according to the radio. It’s not as humid as it was in Brisbane, but this is still very hot. I had a bike ride yesterday and found once again that I am a little out of condition. I am hopeful of getting in a bit more riding while here, but it will have to cool down a little.