Sunday 4th September 2005, (Tewantin).

After 3 months, or more, at Maroochy and have gotten into the habit of not writing many words I have now forgotten to do it on a regular basis now we are on the move again.

We moved to Tewantin, near Noosa on the northern end of the Sunshine Coast, on Wednesday, a great distance of about 30km. Our main reason for this trip, apart from filling in time before going to Brisbane, was to meet up with Ida and Barry on their way back home. They stop here on their way back because of the Jazz music festival held here over this weekend. I believe it is on every year at this time so it is a regular visit for them. Barry used to play drums in a jazz band in his younger days.

We have attended a couple of jazz functions with Barry and Ida, one at the Tewantin RSL for a meal as well, but we gave a miss on going to several more with them. I can handle a little jazz, as with most types of music, but too much can be overwhelming.

Another good reason for moving from Maroochy is the beginning of the school holidays, and the price of caravan parks in that area skyrocket as it is peak period from now until after Christmas.

I don’t know whether it is just this area or not, but one thing we have noticed since being here is the lack of wind. We are a little inland by about 10km, but I wouldn’t have thought that would be the reason, perhaps it is. We did go back to Maroochy for a trip on Friday, and yes it was windy down there. The reason for the trip was to visit a Telstra shop to get repairs made to my Maxon Internet mobile unit, as it chucked it in. This probably had something to do with connecting the wrong power supply to the USB hub to try providing more power for a stronger signal, but one wouldn’t think one extra volt would have made the difference. It probably did me a favour failing anyway as when talking to the Telstra rep about different options I found out that the Sierra wireless card, the one I have preferred all along, was on special for about half price, so when the other one is repaired and returned I will attempt to sell it. Hopefully it will be returned whilst in Brisbane and that gent that indicated he would be interested will still be.