Friday 9th September, (Kingaroy).

An interesting day was had today. We decided to travel back the way we came and have a look at some of the small towns we passed through on the way up here, and Bjelke Petersen dam. All went well until we decided to visit another dam close to Kingaroy, and on the way back out the gravel road I destroyed a rear tyre on the car, must have hit a rock. This meant, that considering both tyres were low on tread, two new tyres had to be purchased for the rear, and considering the front tyres were nearly bald and out of balance they had to be replaced as well. Another $460.00 to blow this months budget completely.

After the tyres were replaced I went to collect my newly modified cable. There was an explanation from them how they had to fudge the termination job, as the cable was the wrong size for the connector. This didn’t worry me too much so long as it worked, and you guessed it the thing failed, it resulted in no service at all. Upon investigation I found that there was no connection from their new connector to the adapter plug that screwed into it. I then returned the cable and we found that the connector must have been done incorrectly, as the centre pin didn’t protrude far enough and lack contact with the other plug, so they are going to have to redo it and I am going to have to wait now until Monday.

Tuesday 13th September, (Kingaroy).

All packed up now ready for another move tomorrow. We are planning on a short trip to a small town called Esk, about half way between Kingaroy and Brisbane. We have heard a few stories about the caravan park there so we will check it out.

I finally got my cable for the mobile broadband unit back, and this time it appears to work efficiently. They discovered that not only did the pin not protrude far enough; they had actually severed the cable and caused a short between the inner and outer. Another attempt at terminating a connector and this time a few modifications were made to make the connector suit the cable, and it seems to have worked. Using it over the next few months will tell.

We attended the peanut festival here on Saturday and I suppose it was something to do to fill in part of the day. It was probably no different than any festival we have seen at any other town, meaning there didn’t seem to be much of a connection with peanuts, but it was entertaining though.

Another visit to Bunya Mountains filled in the day yesterday. We have visited them before, a couple of years ago from Dalby, but Linda had a sore leg that trip and no bush walking was done. We did do a 5Km walk yesterday, and although it was another rainforest it did have its differences that made it a rather worthwhile venture.

Car racing, Sandown 500, filled in Sunday and packing in a leisurely manner filled in today, but I still look back and wonder where the week has gone that we have spent here at Kingaroy.