Friday 22nd July.

Almost two weeks since Linda went overseas and the only thing I am a little fed up with is the weather, and of coarse the hassle of looking after the bird. With the rain being as it has there is not much left to do of a day but sit around trying to find something to do. I have even taken up reading another book, one that I found laying around that I chose simply because it was there. Maybe I should do a little more reading if and when I have free time. The other disadvantage with the bad weather is that I am not riding the bike as much as I would like, if it is not actually raining the wind is too strong. It is supposed to fine up tomorrow so we may get a bit more in.


Wednesday 6th July.

I had to find out exactly how the microwave oven is fixed the other day, as it blew up and we had to replace it. It is fortunate that they still make ovens the same size as the old one, or at least very similar, as it had to fit in a pre-cut hole in the wall. A bit of looking around and we did find what we want, and after figuring out how to remove the old one, it wasn’t a great problem fitting the new one. The only problem with the new one is that it is predominantly black on the front panel where the old one was white, and we are constantly thinking the cupboard door above it is open. I guess we will grow out of it though.

The weather seems to have finally settled a little and we are now getting some sunny and warmer days. The pushbike has finally come out of hiding after such a long time.

There are only two days left until Linda goes to England and I get a month on my own. Linda is as usual spending the last few days fussing about doing what she can to make my life alone a little easier, not that I mind of coarse.

Tuesday 11th July.

It seems as though I have become the local handyman for this area of the caravan park as others are becoming aware of what tools and items I carry. Along with that and my electrical ability, I am now wanted for rewiring aerials and such for several people, I have a couple of bookings for tomorrow. I even had one other camper come and see me with a cordless drill he had purchased at a garage sale. It had two batteries, but no charger, and his question was what could I do for him. This question was easy to answer: Nothing.

I have also been busy today with a modification for our own van. It became aware to me that with the poles installed with the new annexe to hold up the roof have clips screwed to the upper van wall. These would more than likely cause the roof to catch on them while sliding it on, and this would make it very difficult for me to install the roof on my own. My answer to this was to make some small sliding mechanisms, from a thin sheet of aluminium, and mounted upon the clips so the roof material will slide up and over the clips as it is pulled toward them. It all sounds very good in theory and all that is now left is to prove it works when we next erect the annexe.

Linda is now in England and I am now on my own again. Not a problem as I am now used to it, anyway all these little jobs for others are helping to fill in time.