Sunday 5th June.

More on the awning: I am still a little perturbed about the lack of communications from the awning people. The last I heard from them last week was that they would be here to install it on Thursday, but when midday arrived I decided to ring them up. There answer at that time was that they would be out that afternoon, but as it turned out there seemed to be a little confusion with Derrick? Thinking I was in fact someone else in the park that was due for a fitting that day and they didn’t turn up. I did bump into Danny and he informed me that they would be out on Monday afternoon, tomorrow, and I certainly hope this will be the case.

More on the VCR: I have purchased a new VCR with built in DVD and it has been good being able to watch movies of choice. A small problem with the new unit is that it is a little larger in size than the old unit and a new method of mounting will have to be found. The immediate thought is to mount a shelf on the wall between the two rooms as this position will give a direct line of sight for the remote to work, it is more sensitive than all other units.

More on the mobile unit: A thought I had today could be an answer to the lack of aerial problem. It may seem to some to be hardly worth it, but if I was to reintroduce a $5.00 data plan on my mobile, and use it just for emails, then the aerial problem will be overcome. The cost of this idea will off set the $800.00 cost for the proposed new unit purchase to the extent that the new idea will give me 160 months before I overrun the cost of that idea. This will give me 13 years before I will overrun the cost, or if I go for a $10.00 data plan it will still give me 6 ½ years. Furthermore I wont have to implement this plan until later in the year after we leave Brisbane as I do have reasonable coverage here at the moment.

Wednesday 8th June.

We have finally had the annexe fitted, they tell me it’s not an awning, and it has come up to expectations, with the exception that I am starting to pick faults with it. It is after all our first annexe and I am now thinking of things that I would like to be different, but I am going to have to get used to it the way it is, as it will not change. I will probably ask if it could be modified to get rid of the thin strip down the van sides and provide a slide on section direct to the sides. I now have a few tasks to keep me occupied, like reposition the bird onto one of the walls and consider what extra lighting and power we will need.

I have also come up with a plan for mounting the VCR, which will be on a shelf somewhat protruding out in the open a little, but there is not much choice. The problem with the new unit is that the remote control is extremely sensitive and needs direct line of sight to work, so the unit must be positioned so it faces where we sit and protrudes enough to see the remote sensor. The other units aren’t as sensitive, so they can be positioned at any angle, as the signals for them obviously bounce around the room and are still received by the units.