Tuesday 24 May.

A pleasant surprise today when the Awning people came to quote for construction of our new awning. After looking at others the same people constructed over the past two years, each at a cost of $1500.00, and considering ours is larger and involves a roof as well I was expecting something between $2000-$2500. The surprise came with a quote of $1750.00, so no need to say that they got the job and it saves me looking any further. They are to return tomorrow to do the measuring and suggested they would return mid next week to fit it: I am quite overcome with the prompt service.

Sunday 29 May.

I will retract some of my rapturous ideas about the awning builders, as they have not yet turned up to do the measuring. They have been flat out building an awning for a long-term tenant a couple of rows down from us, even putting in all day Saturday, and they have been coming over and telling me times when they should arrive, but have still not yet turned up. I am not over worried about it so long as they can still come good by the deadline they arrived at, or close to it. I must admit I am now looking forward to having the new awning, as it has been a bit cold the last few evenings.

More on the wireless aircard: A revisit to Telstra revealed that the Mini Max in fact does not support an external aerial so I asked a few more questions about the air card. The local accessory shop has some coming in over the next few days so I will be able to get a look at one. The accessory shop in Brisbane indicates, in a reply to an email I sent them, that the patch cable for the air card does have a different connector and places like Dick Smith would have an adapter to suit my requirements. Hopefully some answers will be forthcoming over the next few days and a decision can be made as to if I purchase the new unit.

More electronic woes: Our VCR chucked it in recently so I have been looking at some sort of replacement for it. I have been looking at a DVD recorder with a built in large hard drive for recording on and found what would be an ideal unit, only it didn’t have an analogue tuner, but the price of $1100.00 didn’t appeal to me. It also seems a basic recorder with the hard drive still costs in the $800.00 mark and this would be a lot more expensive than I would intend to spend, so it is starting to look like a replacement of something very similar to the old VCR, but will have a combo DVD player fitted as well.