Chapter 32.

Winter on the Sunshine Coast.

Thursday 19 May 2005, (Maroochydore).

We are now on the Sunshine Coast for the winter spell. We are planning on being here until the middle of September or so and then decide which way we will go back down south, apart for a visit to Brisbane while Matt and family visit.

I have a fair bit to do while here, like buy a new awning and chase up a new Internet devise with external aerial possibilities, being the Sierra air card.

Today was spent pursuing the aerial for the Sierra air card and I went to a mobile accessory shop. Would you believe that they didn’t even know that this device supported an external aerial? Anyway they ended up finding out where to get one from. In the meantime I went to the Telstra shop to get them to also find out and they informed me that the unit I already have, a Mini-Max, would also support an external aerial, so they were asked by me to find out more about them. They did suggest that the aerial on the unit simply pulls out, somehow, and the external one insert in its place, but when I got home and checked it out it seems that the existing aerial will not remove from the unit. Perhaps there is a trick to removing it, and I hope this is the case as it would be a much cheaper option.

Sunday 22 May, (Maroochydore).

Well as expected I haven’t heard anything from the Telstra shop about the external aerial for the mini-max. I will wait another couple of days and go back in.

I have been working on the details for the construction of our new awning. I have also downloaded a list of makers to get quotes from. Today I was introduced to a couple of vanners that had awnings built over the last couple of years and used the same builder, and liked what I saw so I will give him first choice and if he comes up with a good price I might just give him the job. He, apparently, comes to the van park to make all transactions, so that would be a big bonus.

I bought myself another bike a couple of days ago and after building and adjusting it I have found that it is a much better bike than the last one I had and it was cheaper. I now find I am a little stiff after my first bit of riding so today was a rest day and I will see how things go over the next day or so.