Tuesday 2nd May 2005, (Gladstone).

Here it is a week after getting this machine out to put down a few words, and where has the time gone. We haven’t appeared to do much while here, but we haven’t had any spare time as such. We did have one day’s sightseeing to check out Lake Awoonga about half hour from here. There is a caravan park there that we had heard about that we wanted to have a look at for future reference. The whole area was actually quite impressive, with several very scenic points and many picnic areas. We must stay there when we return to the area, but I did think the caravan park was a little expensive at $22.00 per night.

I finally finished my building of the solar gear and battery dischargers. The solar panel actually turned out quite successful: It is only good for about 50 m/amps, but that will almost suffice for its intended purpose of trickle charging the car battery. It is also very successful as a charger for the cordless drill so I can see it will be used for that regularly.

We are now packed and ready for a move tomorrow to Bundaberg, so more from there.