Friday 13th May 2005, (Bargara-Bundaberg).

Nothing much has been done for the past few days as we have been rained in. Constant rain all day yesterday saw a complete day inside the caravan.

We went for a touristy drive today to a little north of Bundaberg with a couple of places in mind. One being Sharon Gorge, was not what I would call a gorge, but it did offer a nature walk through a rainforest. The second was called the Mystery Craters: These were a different story, being an eye opener. We did not know what to expect and were quite surprised with what we did see. In the middle of a flat area of land was a rocky outcrop no higher than the surrounding land that contained 30 or so craters. Many geologists have inspected these craters and stories have it that none can explain how they were formed.

It seems the video recorder has gone faulty, so it is a good thing we have the digital set top box, so we can still receive good reception. I don’t know what I am going to do to repair it, but there could be some time to spare. It seems it may be the power supply and maybe I will have a go at it one day.

Saturday 14th May, (Bargara-Bundaberg).

Linda has taken to feeding the local Lorikeets while here, nothing surprising but she has lately tried feeding them Wheat-bix with lots of water and covered with some Lorikeet food. Now the birds have become fussy and demand Wheat-bix every time, and they nearly follow her inside while she is making it. They are going to miss her when we leave on Tuesday, or they might pester the new campers that move in, He He.