Tuesday 10th May, (Bagara).

I have found out something with TV cabling that I still can’t fathom: I originally started using AV cables between VCR and TV ages ago to prevent interference with a station being transmitted on the same channel being used from VCR to TV. This should have overcome the problem, but the trouble we were having with analogue Win was that the channel set on VCR was the same as Win and this caused very poor reception. The part I can’t fathom is that we are not even using the coax connection to the TV so I can’t see how this caused this interference. This has now been overcome by changing the allocated channel on the VCR, so this will be something to remember in future.

Still on TV: I have had the idea recently of buying a new aerial, the same phase-link as I already have, but without the built in booster. This would enable me to connect the UHF, new one, into the other booster and hopefully still get a good reception and only use one coax cable into the van instead of the two being presently used. A good idea for today’s mission, but as things turned out there must have been something telling me I shouldn’t bother.

· The first thing to go wrong was Yellow pages wasn’t working, so I couldn’t download information on where to go.

· I first went to Retravision who didn’t have anything, but gave me a card for somebody who, as they said, could help me. After leaving the store I noticed that there was no address on the card so I decided to then check out a caravan yard.

· The caravan yard girl didn’t have much of an idea of what I wanted so looked it up on her computer. The good thing for the day was to find out that one could actually buy individual replacement pieces for this type aerial, but she only wanted to sell me another complete aerial at $170.00 odd. I couldn’t seem to convince her of what I actually wanted so I left in disgust.

· I then referred to the card given to me earlier and rang them to get their address. This being given to me I told them I wouldn’t need directions as I find it easier to just follow the map, but when looking up the street given it didn’t appear in my map book.

This is when I got the idea that something was trying to tell me not to bother and leave things as they were while they were working, so I drove home, and things are remaining the same.

Back to touring: we had a river cruise yesterday, up the Burnett River to the mouth, as we decided we needed a treat to something like this. Although the trip was enjoyable enough, and reasonably priced, this particular river didn’t seem to do much for me due to the same scenery as far as the river banks go, all being at the same level with no rise in the land beyond to see, except for the Hummocks. Linda also said it was a little long in duration as well, but all in all it was en enjoyable trip that filled in the day. Another thing was the fact that there were only four of us on the ferry so it made it a lot easier to go wherever we wanted on the boat.

We have decided to stay here for a second week and give Noosa a miss, as it is too expensive there and we decided that we were neither over impressed with it anyway. We will still be going to Rainbow Beach though.