St George

Monday 11th April 2005, (St George).

Exercise was the order of the day for yesterday with a walk into town. We went along the river walk almost to the weir and the heat was the telling factor upon our return home. Heat must be the main factor affecting my diabetes, because I was not muscularly exhausted, but more a lack of energy. A feed and a drink and I was feeling perfectly ok.

Today I went into town again to do my usual walk around taking photos. We were originally going to walk again, but I decided that the heat might just be too much again so we drove. It turned out there wasn’t much walking around town as it is really not that big, but what I got will suffice.

Tuesday 12th April. (St George).

Another cruise around town to see a few more attractions revealed they were nothing startling or different than any other place, like memorials and lakes.

The exception was the Emu egg carvings; this was well worth a visit at $3.00 a head. This gentleman carves the eggs, does a magnificent job, and does not sell them, just keeps them on display. To demonstrate all the different colours available he has them mounted with lights inside them. They are all inside a purpose built room so he can alter the lighting to suit and this really does give a remarkable effect. A guided tour is very informative and the owner is also a bit of a card and tells a few as well.