St George

Friday 8th April 2005, (St George).

Our ill feelings of Cunnamulla and the area came to fruition this morning at 6:00 AM when there was a drunken revelry by the local blacks on the street next to the park just over the fence from where we were parked. At 6:15 Linda suggested we pack up and leave, so when I asked if she was serious and her answer was positive, we did. This is the sort of thing that worries soles like us and we could well do without it, but for all we know nothing might have eventuated if we did stay but we weren’t taking any chances.

Another 300k east now sees us at St George, and at first glance there won’t be any such problems here. The park we are in is a couple of kilometres out of town so it should be very peaceful. There are a couple of parks close to the township and when we passed them we had a glance and there were not many vans in them, so considering they weren’t rated in the RAC book we decided not to take any chances and go straight to the one that did rate, so here we are. We are going to stay for a week, so a few days relaxation will be very welcome.

One thing we sort of regret with leaving Cunnamulla early was not looking at the couple of things to see, and not getting a chance to take any photos, but as Linda said there was nothing to want to photograph and we won’t forget this town anyway.

One good thing about staying at Cunnamulla last night was the fact that we didn’t have to make a 550k trip in the one day, so it was broken into two legs. We did forfeit a day’s rent of $15.00 by leaving early, but for our feeling of now not having the worries it is not much to forego.