Friday 15th April 2005, (Roma).

We are now at Roma, about 200k north of St George. We have been here before in 2002, and thoughts about timing revealed that we arrived here almost to the day 3 years after last visit. Last time we arrived here on the 14th April. One surprising this with this visit is that Linda was the one that couldn’t remember the town where I could, quite the opposite of the norm.

We have initially booked in here for four days, but have the idea of staying for a week, especially seeing Linda is not 100% well with here tract infection again so it would be an idea to make sure she is well before moving on.

We have had another good look at all the caravan parks in town with the idea of staying at the Big Rig park rather than the Big4, as the big4 is too far out of town. We found out the reason that we chose the Big4 last time as the Big Rig was a grubby looking park and we again decided that we would not stay there. The park across the road, Roma Aussie, which is now an FPA park and has been taken over a couple of years ago and done up to a good standard was our choice, and we think we are happy for making it.

On our way here today we went through Surat, where we heard was a good camping area so we checked it out. On the side of the river, offering shade or open spaces, good for solar panels, we decided that when we are back this way we will visit the camp area for a stay on our way through.

Monday 18th April, (Roma).

Well we are certainly having that rest that I thought we might, as Linda has contracted one of her little infections again and has been a bit off over the past few days and hasn’t been able to do anything. She is going to rest for the next few days as well so there is no rush to get to Carnarvon Gorge and all that walking.

I did fill in today pretty well as last night I found that a neighbour had a mobile the same as mine, and as we were talking internet I asked if they had infra-red on their laptop. The answer was yes, so I asked them if they wanted internet access to their laptop. They most certainly did so today was filled with setting up their machine and educating them on how to use it. I hope after all this that they do get some good use from it.