Tuesday 26th April 2005, (Gladstone).

On Sunday night, at Warremba, one new guest, John, and Adrian started talking about how to cook in a camp oven, it seems that John is a chef. This conversation led to: “Why don’t we have a roast tomorrow and show you”. With this the park management donated some roast beef, and even with a few more visitors, everybody got together and organised who was donating what, eg veggie’s, bread etc. The night turned out to be a real blast, as this is the sort of thing that makes a good night, especially in a farm stay park as that one.

That was yesterday, and today we moved on. We had originally intended to stay at a small town called Moura, but when we arrived there we both thought “Not another small town, we have had enough of them”, so we decided to go all the way to Gladstone in one leg. Hence that is where we are now.

Upon arrival we also decided to stay at another caravan park, Kin-Kora, close to the shopping centre, and is also the highest rating park in town. It has only been the first night and we are already thinking we would rather be at the park we usually stay at, but a few days will tell more as we were neither in a very good mood on arrival and things did seem to go wrong.

Wednesday 27th April, (Gladstone).

If not mentioned before, I have been looking for a pack of garden solar powered lights since deciding not to purchase while back in Tassie. I finally found some at Crazy Clarks and made the purchase.

My use for them is to use at least 4 of them for discharging AA rechargeable batteries individually so I can evenly discharge each set I have so I may get longer life from them.

I also intend playing with the solar panels by joining them together in a 12V configuration with the hope it may suffice as a trickle charger for the car when it is sitting for a long period.

I am hopeful of having a couple left over intact to use as warning lights for awning ropes, and several spare bits.